2. Send Us a Photo

I don't have a board

We created Ride For Earth to motivate young active people to do something about our planet, as it is where we live and going to Mars won't be happening anytime soon! Another big thing for Ride For Earth is to show outside people that we are not just a bunch of people (100 million and growing) hanging around and jumping stairs, but that we can take social responsibility and value the possibility of practicing these fun sports and doing the right thing.

Just send us a photo of you or a short story why you want to try one of the sports we love so much - with some luck you may win your first equipment. We know you are gonna love it.

I have a ride. Now what?

We thought of doing this thing a bit different than the rest. We prepared a small package for you which requires little effort from you and only 4.99 EUR, because we want it to be affordable.

The effort

Take a photo of you and your board. Maybe you already having great time with your friends? Bring it on. That's it! Send it via email to us - sending it via mail would make your carbon footprint bigger and costs you money!

You think that's too much? Skip it and Plant A Tree now!

The package

There is some cool stuff for you - you will get stickers to put on your board, helmet or wherever you want.

You will be planting a tree, your photo will join our community photo gallery and you will have a chance to win great stuff.

Win great prizes

Contests will be announced on the site and you will definitely love them! We are arranging big prizes such as skateboards, wakeboards and snowboards. We will keep you in touch and announce the winners on our web site. It's a great possibility to win cool stuff and with little luck, an opportunity for people without a board, ski or bike to get one.

The Stickers

Go put on these stickers and be stoked of what you did. We designed some nice stuff for you to put on your car, board and helmet. Show your buddies that you care about our planet while havin' a good time. Spread the word so we can enjoy our seas, mountains and fresh air even longer.

The Price

Here's the deal! The 4.99 EUR seems too much for you? Send us a short story why you think that's too much - we'll plant a tree for your short story.


Fast and secure payment is very important to us and customer service must rock. We start with PayPal and will announce additional payment types in the future! You still don't have a PayPal account? It's fast and easy to create one and it doesn't cost you anything.