3. We Plant It

The trees

RFE plants trees on different locations. The trees planted differ from location to location and are selected to match best the surroundings. Once we have a sufficient list of different tree types, a new section of the website will be dedicated to describe every tree type we have planted.

Planting trees brings lots of benefits with it! It not only eliminates lots of carbon dioxide in the air, but it gives many animals a new habitat and it prevents fertile soil of being lost as the it shelters it from the bad weather conditions. Don't know what these are?! - Google for "erosion", "extinct animals" and "carbon dioxide".


Other than most foundations and organizations we believe planting trees is a global thing and that it doesn't really matter if the oxygen is produced in Europe, America or New Zealand.

We also believe that we can control the planting of the trees when it happens locally. This is why we start planting the trees in Austria, where we can guarantee that your money is used for planting trees.

Our next objective is collaborating with Canada to plant trees there, as we want to reach people all over the world who love action sports and will help us reach our goal of 10 million trees.

Our next objective is to work with Germany, Switzerland, USA and New Zealand.

Once Per Year

We work closely with experts on planting the trees for you. Because of our geographical position, the best time to plant the new trees is in the spring.

This means that we will collect the trees for 365 days and plant them all on a single day. We encourage you to come back next year and plant another tree for your new board. You have more boards? Plant a tree for each one!