Using PayPal

PayPal is a money transfer site which will allow you to securely plant a tree with Ride For Earth. You can use it for many other online businesses worldwide.
PayPal is an online financial middleman that facilitates the transfer of money between you and Ride For Earth. You only need to share private financial information with PayPal, not unknown parties. We use PayPal to enable you to securely plant a tree on Ride For Earth.

A PayPal account can receive money as soon as it has been created, but to use it to plant a tree with Ride For Earth, you need to set up a means of getting funds into the account. Normally the PayPal account is linked to an existing bank account, or to a credit or debit card.

Create Your PayPal Account

  1. Once you've chosen the right account for your needs, click on the appropriate account button.
  2. Fill in the requested information. Choose a password that others won't easily guess!
  3. Read the user agreement, then click to create your account.
  4. You'll receive a confirmation email from PayPal. Click on the link in the email.
  5. Sign into your account with the password you just set up. Now you're ready to go!

Fund Your PayPal Account

PayPal gets money from you to send to a recipient in one of three ways:

  1. Deducting the funds from your PayPal account, if you have a large enough balance.
  2. Deducting the funds from the bank account you linked to your PayPal account.
  3. Charging the credit card you linked to your PayPal account.

Plant A Tree with PayPal

  1. To use PayPal on Ride For Earth, move your mouse on "Plant A Tree" from the main menu on
  2. Click on "Plant A Tree For Your Ride" button on the drop-down menu to be directed to PayPal.
  3. You will be directed to the PayPal website; log in to your account.
  4. Review your shipping address and correct/update if needed.
  5. Click on "Pay now".

Security on PayPal

PayPal users need to be aware as they use the site that it is not uncommon to encounter fraudulent emails or other scams. Be cautious, but do not let fraud deter you from using PayPal. PayPal guarantees 100% protection against unauthorized use.

  1. Read PayPal's list of security tips so you don't fall victim to a fraud or scam.
  2. Keep your password secure.
  3. PayPal offers a security key to its users. For an additional $5 you receive a "key" which generates a different 6 digit number every 30 seconds. You enter the number into the website to prove your identity.
  4. File an unauthorized activity claim if you see a charge to your account that you did not make.

Spoof Emails and PayPal

  1. PayPal emails address customers by first and last name, or by business name.
  2. If you receive a suspicious email, forward it to
  3. PayPal emails do not contain attachments. If you receive an email with an attachment that is purportedly from PayPal, do NOT download the attachment.
  4. Access your account by going to and logging in; do not click on links in suspicious emails.
  5. Spoof emails often arrive with a false sense of urgency.

Close Your PayPal Account

  1. To close your account, login to your account and click on the "Profile" tab.
  2. Choose the "Close Account" link under Account Information.
  3. Enter a reason for closing the account and click Continue.
  4. Click the "Close Account" button on the next page.