The Ride For Earth Difference

We could write tons of text how cool, innovative and awesome we are, but we think this stuff is crap! We don't want to pretend to be more different than you. It kind of sucks seeing all these young people starting a company and suddenly becoming way too cool to talk with - what's the point? There is none. We are like you, seriously, just like you! We built something that most of our friends don't see as a company. Well, they're right - it's not. It's what we love to do our entire life combined with our motivation to make something good to our planet. It's that simple. We hope you like it. We love it!

We don't want to change and we don't want you to change! We want to have fun, drive our cars and stay in our cozy room watching movies in the winter. The difference is that we care about the impact of these benefits and try to do what we can to be as green as possible - we collect our garbage when we're shredding on the mountain or chillin' on the beach, we share our cars via carpool sites to meet great people when we go to the mountain and we think twice before opening the window on cold days. It makes us feel good about ourselves and if you think for a second, you'll notice how easy it is.

We don't want to tell you what to do. We want you to have as much fun as you had before and maybe to have one more thought on your mind - our planet. We all live here and share the same air - no matter if we are in Europe, Africa, America, Asia or Australia. We all produce CO2 - this is how our life functions and it would be crazy to feel guilty about it. We think feeling guilty is not the point. We think we got it right - do what you can with a little effort without sacrificing your lifestyle and explain your friends why you do it. Be positive and enjoy it! Once they understand you, they will follow and everybody will be happy. Don't feel guilty, you're already doing more for the environment than people 10 years ago.

If you're here, you're just like us. We love the fact that you're interested in what we do - this is why we love you as a customer. We listen to you because we care what you have to say. We think our customers are our friends and we treat you exactly how we want you to treat us.

You buy our products to do something good for the environment and we want you to know where and how this is happening. We have a media coverage of every planting event and release all the information - the place, the time, the tree kind, the amount of planted trees on our site. We are always there to oversee the process. We want you to trust us, because we think this is the most important thing in any relationship.

We started Ride For Earth to change things by refining well known processes. We develop our ideas and look for new creative ways to surprise you. Because we are more than just a company that plants trees! We are here to find and gather people around the world who care, share common interests and are ready to do something for the planet. We want them to meet, collaborate and exchange their points of view! We know that there is a lot of potential in everyone of us. We are looking for the right spot to unleash it. It's gonna be epic!