Product Development

Ride For Earth was founded with one big reason in mind - sustainability. When we created the overall business idea, one key point was always discussed until we solved it for every part of our product workflow - we have to minimize the impact of RFE on the environment. So we started looking for some eco friendly products which could support us. Our stickers feature recycled paper paperbacks (hmm is it so?), our envelopes are made from recycled paper as well and could be reused. We only send email based invoices and even our envelope printers are the low energy consumption ones. The goodies which you will have the chance to win are also from companies which are environmentally aware.

Detailed Information:
Ride For Earth uses Apple computers for its entire operations. The intuitive UX of the Mac helps us to get our jobs done in less time and reduce the amount of electricity we need for our daily tasks. Further Apple is working hard to deliver the eco friendliest computers out there and we support this. Read more about Apple and the environment:

Ride For Earth prints its stickers on an eco friendly basis which guarantees that no damage is caused to the environment. The weather resistant folio of the stickers is a PP-folio (Polypropylen folio), and not the eco unfriendly PCV. PP is a byproduct of the oil industry (its use reduces garbage accumulation) and is 100% recyclable or can be decomposed in its ingredients carbon and water. Because it includes only these two materials, it is environmentally neutral. It doesn't include and softeners, it gains its properties from the multilateral stretching (biaxial oriented PP, also called BOPP).

Ride For Earth uses Envirelope as envolope supplier. Envirelope is the world's first envelope that combines all aspects of environmental protection. Both aesthetically and from a quality perspective, this envelope cannot be distinguished from envelopes made from normal fibre paper.

The Envirelope is produced from CO2 neutral Impact paper. The Mayer-Kuvert-network companies have exclusive use of this paper across Europe. This paper, that is indistinguishable from normal fibre papers, consists of 100% recovered paper. It is innately produced with a minimum CO2 emission of 79kg per ton. In comparison, CO2 emission during the production of fresh or normal fibre paper is 500-750kg per ton. The 79kg are further compensated by financing of CO2 reduction programs.

Envirelope exclusively use water-based glues for the production of Envirelope, so that there are absolutely no residues to deal with during the recycling process.

Next Steps:
Currently Ride For Earth is searching for a hosting partner powered exclusively by green energy.