Planting Locations

Since we spent a lot of our time snowboarding in the Austrian Alps it came almost naturally that we established a connection with Österreichische Bundesforste AG and they were more than happy to assist us in planting these trees. It's a great thing to start with, however we are aware that you might want to have some trees planted on your continent, in your country and even in your own state/region.

We are looking for partners outside of Austria and Europe to make things global. It might take some time at the beginning as most of the Forest Agencies require a minimum amount of trees to be ordered, but once you tell your friends about us and more and more people start planting trees we will make it happen.

Map with Planting Locations

LOCATION: Austria (Additional countries to follow)
TREES PLANTED: 2500 (in advance)*

* We planted the trees already. Make the tree meter reach 2500 by planting one tree with us.