1. Love To Ride

Snow  |   Skate  |   Surf  |   Wake  |   Ski

100 million people

And you are one of us. Now, that's a lot of folk with skateboarders, surfers and snowboarders leading the pack. These number do not count people that practice more than one of these sports so... it's actually even more!
How cool is that!?!

Already stoked with your ride?

Great! Learn more how to help the environment while having fun!

10 million trees

Ride For Earth set a goal to reach that number. Sounds crazy? Think of learning your first trick - how did you feel 'bout it? It felt impossible, right? Well, we believe people are better than they think they are and take less responsibility than they should! Let's show the world that we care.

But there is no wood in my board!

We started Ride For Earth to make it fun to do good things for our planet and keep having fun while enjoying the sports we love. Although there is no wood in your wakeboard, or your surf... so what? Think of how it all started - the first surfboards, all the trees chopped down so you can snowboard, all the trees we use to jib on, our indoor skateparks or obstacles on snow, water and land... you see, there is a lot of wood involved - directly or indirectly.

Cab Double Cork 1440 Melon Method Indy Grab to Nosepress

Yeah, dudes. Though tricks nowadays are almost like in the computer games a few years ago (Come on - Triple corks and stuff!) we want you to join us and be part of the fun - we thought of making it possible for you to get easy access to cool equipment, find new friends and go outside feeling good about a tree you planted.

Never been on a board?

Now you are definitely missing a great time! But we thought of you too.
Go to Step 2 and have the chance to try it out while doing something great for our planet.