You must have heard it at least a million times - the trees are the lungs of the planet, we have to reduce our carbon footprint, we have to be more eco concerned etc. Well, we don't want to preach to you how bad your lifestyle is or how much wrong you do to the planet or how much less you have to fly or drive. We are no angels - we drive to the mountains, we fly to this sweet surf spot, we use electricity and central heating, one of our founders has even passion for muscle cars (believe us, he had to plant a lot of trees for that).

All we are trying to tell you is that becoming aware and making the small step of planting a tree can make a big difference (don't worry, you can keep your lifestyle).

Trees are good, no, trees are awesome. They absorb C02 and other air polutants (Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen oxides, Particles).

Just think about the difference between the air quality on 5th avenue and your favourite tree run or your favourite downhill track - it makes sense, no? Trees reduce topsoil erosion, at the end we don't want our mountains to end up as deserts. They also prevent harmful land pollutants contained in the soil from getting into our waterways and ensure that our groundwater supplies are continually being replenished.

Trees are also vital for the wild life - many kinds use them for shelter, other smaller plants need them as part of their eco system. And at the end it's us who need them most - forget about the IKEA stuff - think about your skateboard, your snowboard, the ramp in your skate park or the corners and obstacles in your mountain bike park, even your wooden sledge when you were a kid. Many trees have fallen for them, so why don't you plant at least one to pass the legacy onto the next generation?